Soiree Pour Bebe :: A French Fete

My fabulous friends threw the most extravagant French themed evening fete for bebe g and included so many thoughtful and sweet touched that made me feel so loved. Petit lapin is a lucky, lucky little girl!

The front door greeted everyone!

The entry way.

The perfect invitation and some of my most favorite flowers.

The food was A labor of love, indeed. Lapin’s monogram on the wall in the back.

My mouth is literally watering looking at these pictures! Shower food doesn’t have to be boring!

The sweets rivaled any in a Parisian bakery. 
Especially wonderful were the made-with-love pink macaroons! 

So much goodness!

The strawberry mint water was such a pretty pale pink.

Guests were asked to leave a “wish” for bebe g and tie it on the eiffel tower. The wishes were so thoughtful and I hope that one day lapin reads them and feels how loved she was. 

Although I couldn’t partake as enthusiastically as I’d have liked, I ADORED the assemble-it-yourself champagne cocktails. Perrier and sparkling lemonade for those not champagne-ing.

The champagne flutes were outfitted with precious chalkboard charms just the right size for initials and were the perfect favor to take home.

 I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect baby shower (hello!? I got to wear sequins!)… These girls are so special to me and did such an amazing job putting it together. One of the special touches, that I don’t have a picture of, was the books that the guests brought. Each guest was asked to bring a children’s book for lapin. The messages inside the books make them so dear. It was so very personalized and included so many of my favorite things…

Including my awesome little brother! The hostesses covertly invited him and he braved the estrogen and came. We dismissed him early… though he stuck it out long enough to see some gifts being opened.

That, my friends, is the stool that said little brother painted and monogrammed. The stool that he intended for me to use to reach into the crib. Haha, little brother. Haha. 

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